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Pomodoro Timer Statusbar - macOS

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Pomodoro Timer Statusbar

This application is a Pomodoro timer that resides in the MacOS status bar, allowing users to manage their work and break intervals effectively.

For macOS

Effortlessly boost your productivity with the Pomodoro Timer App for MacOS! Pomodoro Timer is a beautifully designed application that integrates right into your Mac's status bar, providing a non-intrusive yet powerful tool to manage your time. Built on the proven Pomodoro Technique, it breaks your work into focused time intervals – traditionally 25 minutes of work followed by a 5-minute break. When you click on the icon in the status bar, a convenient drop-down menu appears. This menu gives you full control over the timer, allowing you to Start/Stop, Reset, and adjust the Duration of your working intervals. The Start option initiates the timer, which then switches to a Stop option so you can pause whenever you need. If you want to start over, the Reset option is there to bring your timer back to the initial state. And with the Set Duration feature, you can personalize your intervals to any length that suits your workflow – a perfect blend of flexibility and structure. When the timer reaches zero, the application plays MacOS's built-in 'Ping' sound as a gentle reminder that it's time for a break. This audible cue is subtle enough to avoid disturbing others, yet distinctive enough for you to notice. Embrace the power of focused work and frequent breaks with the Pomodoro Timer App. Start managing your time more effectively, reduce burnout, and improve your productivity today. Get Pomodoro Timer for MacOS – your work deserves it!

  • English (en) - English
  • Simplified Chinese (zh-Hans) - 简体中文 (SOON)
  • Spanish (es) - Español (SOON)
  • French (fr) - Français (SOON)
  • Russian (ru) - Русский (SOON)
  • Turkish (tr) - Türkçe (SOON)
  • Italian (it) - Italiano (SOON)

Supported Devices

  • macOS 11.0 and above:
  • MacBook Air
  • MacBook Pro
  • iMac
  • Mac Studio
  • Mac Mini

Version 1.0 (14 September 2023)

  • Hour was added in addition to minutes and seconds.

Version 2.0 (26 September 2023)

  • Hour was added in addition to minutes and seconds.

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