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Doğukan Sahil

Antalya / Konya

Genetics and Bioengineering BEng. Biomedical Engineering M.Sc. Student.

Developer Projects

Storage Statusbar Logo

Storage Statusbar

View and monitor your storage space with our app! Real-time display and easy customization. Effortlessly boost your productivity with the Pomodoro Timer App for MacOS! Pomodoro Timer is a beautifully designed application that integrates right into your Mac's status bar, providing a non-intrusive yet powerful tool to manage your time.

Pomodoro Timer Logo

Pomodoro Timer Statusbar

This application is a Pomodoro timer that resides in the MacOS status bar, allowing users to manage their work and break intervals effectively. Manage your storage space efficiently with our app! Our app provides real-time monitoring of your disk usage right from the menu bar. Stay informed about your available storage capacity, whether it's displaying the remaining disk space in gigabytes or as a percentage.

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