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Doğukan Sahil

Antalya / Konya

Genetics and Bioengineering BEng. Biomedical Engineering M.Sc. Student.

A New Dimension in Temperature Monitoring

Workshop · 31 / 12 / 2023 · 2 dk · 0 · 242

Hello! Today, I want to talk about a project that was a turning point for me: a real-time temperature monitoring system using an LM35 temperature sensor, ATmega328 microcontroller, and OLED display, developed as part of my university assignment.

The idea to start this project stemmed from my desire to reinforce the theoretical knowledge I gained in classes with a practical application. Moreover, my interest in biomedical devices and artificial intelligence made this project even more significant for me.

When designing the project, my main goal was to create a system that could provide stable and accurate temperature readings, suitable for both educational and environmental monitoring applications. The LM35 temperature sensor was chosen for its ease of use and high accuracy. The ATmega328 microcontroller was an ideal choice due to its wide range of applications and powerful processing capability. The LM358 operational amplifier was added to ensure signal stability. Lastly, the OLED display was chosen for real-time data presentation.

Like any project, I encountered some challenges. Especially during the circuit design and assembly phase, I needed to be meticulous. While drawing the circuit diagram, understanding how each component interacted and the overall functioning of the system was crucial. During soldering, precision and patience were necessary.

This project not only provided me with technical skills but also enhanced my problem-solving and analytical thinking abilities. It further solidified my interest in the fields of biomedical engineering and artificial intelligence.

Inspired and experienced from this project, I plan to develop more complex and effective biomedical devices in the future. Combining artificial intelligence and sensor technologies to create innovative solutions for monitoring and improving human health is incredibly exciting for me!

Assignment: Read data using the ADC feature of a microcontroller from an analog sensor that generates values between -10mV and +10mV. You can use any microcontroller of your choice. Design the necessary amplifying and filtering circuits before providing the sensor output to the microcontroller.

I would also like to mention that I did not implement a DC offset in the project initially. This was later addressed directly on the circuit during the advanced stages of the design. This approach was crucial for better alignment with the project requirements and achieving more accurate results.